Lovely Disarray - The Amazon Trio - Limited Edition Set

Hello and welcome back to the messy little closet!
Astrexia, owner of Lovely Disarray worked the last days on a special Makeup called The Amazon Trio, which is based on the three character from the Sailor Moon Series. This Makeup has three colour variations (shown on the picture) and each can be worn double or single on the left/right cheek. So it is even possible to mix two versions of this set. Also included in this package are two eyeliner, one of them are shown in the picture aswell.

Sooooooo... The Amazon Trio Makeup is a Limited Editon Set and only 85 copies are available! They are out now, so hurry up! <3

Lovely Disarray - The Amazon Trio - Limited Edition Set
Makeup Set: Lovely Disarray - The Amazon Trio (Limited Edition Set)

Skin: Birdy - Maisie (50 l$ joining fee)
Eyes: Dead Apples - Real Eyes - Brown

Hair: Truth - Maiko - Blonde 3 (last Arcade round)



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