The Plastik @ World Goth Fair 2013

Hello and welcome back to the messy little closet!
Today with a short entry about The Plastik dress Nadia (charity item) and the skin Rapture at the World Goth Fair 2013, which runs till the end of May.
The sexy mesh dress Nadia comes in two variation and each pack includes 6 different sizes (L-XXS) + alphalayers.
The skin package includes 8(!) different skins (shown on the picture below) + lots of different tattoolayers + Appliers! So, what do you want more? And believe me, the skin is gorgeous! You have to try the demo! <3
Here is the TAXI to the WGF! Have fun!

The Plastik @ World Goth Faire 2013

The Plastik @ World Goth Faire 2013

WGF 2013
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali Skin - Rapture
Dress: The Plastik - Nadia Dress - Fallen

100 Blocks
Earphones: Remarkable Oblivion - Megahertz Earphones

Nails: Shock - Fever Nails (Groupgift)

Hair: Truth - Lotus - Black
Ears: Gauze - Mystic Ears - Jewelry Chained Natural
Wings: Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium Ear Accessory - White
Horns: Auxiliary - In Dreams - Obsidian
Googles: Tokugawa - Hacker Googles
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Light Sensitive - Light Blue
Facetattoo: Lovely Disarray - I'm no priest
Gag: Graves - Part of the G424 "Wildlife" series (New)
Collar: Etchaflesh - Kalima Neck Corset
Necklace: Kosh - Adain Necklace - silver
Tattoo: Little Pricks - Kismet
Gloves: Motivaction - Female Studded Gloves - Black Leather
Gun: Digital Dragon Design - V4 Double Tap Leg Band
Legband: Dirtyland - Addicted Legband
Socks: Dirtyland - Cutest Socks - Black
Boots: Grollwerk - Hoof Boots - Black



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