Fantasy Faire 2013 - Part 5 - FF (The Plastik, Trap, 22769, Gauze and Lemon Tea) meets Sci-Fi (Graves)

Welcome back to the messy little closet & to another page of my little "SL comic-project"!

Finally after some bigger problems taking photos in SL I made some pictures for a new comic page.
My first idea was to create a Mix'n'Match outfit for Jackie, which I could use for my project in the further future but as I got the horns from Trap, the mermaid skins from The Plastik, the elven ears from 22769, the tail from Lemon Tea and the tattoo from Gauze I knew I have to do this post now!

So here some informations about the items which are available at the Fantasy Faire 2013, before I show you the pictures ;)

Starting with Trap! Selos released for the Faire the Demon Ram & the Basic Blend Horns. Both horns are amazing and come with some tattoolayers and a HUD (size, colour, glow) to customize them for you personal needs. The horns are ONLY available at the Faire and as of now, there is no fixed date known, when they will be available at the mainstore. So don't miss them!
The Plastik mermaid skin Arkasia will be shown by Adara in one of her next blog entries. So I just wanna mention, that they are gorgeous!
The guys behind 22769 participate for their first time at the Fantasy Faire and released some really gorgeous creations (one was shown by Adara in one of her threads before). For my blog entry I picked the cute little Young Elfen Ears, which are available with a HUD. But they are editable as well, so I made them for my pictures a little bit smaller.
Gauze released for the Faire Child of Tiamat a really cool tattoolayer for the face and at least Lemon Teas new creation is an amazing new tail called Drakodaimonen Tail. The tail comes with a HUD with loooootts of colours for the tail + tail itself has some nice features to play with.

Okay, so here are my pictures and the credits to the outfit. I really hope you like them and don't forget to visit this year Fantasy Faire. ;)

Fantasy Faire 2013 meets Sci-Fi

Fantasy Faire 2013 meets Sci-Fi

Hair: Exile - Danika - Moonlight
Horns: Trap - Demon Ram - White (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Ears: 22769 - Young Elfen Ears (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Tattoo: Gauze - Child of Tiamat (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Eyes: SupgarPill - iBauble - Dark Set - Black
Skin: The Plastik - Arkasia  - Kryv (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Outfit: Graves - Mix'n'Match Outfit 003 Deatils HERE
Tail: Lemon Tea - Drakodaimonen Tail (Fantasy Faire 2013)


PS.: I like to thank Aikea (The Plastik), Selos (Trap), Paco & Manu (22769) and Jackie (Graves) for their huge support! You guys rock!!! <3


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