Fantasy Faire 2013 - Part 1 - The Plastik, The Vandariel Armor (Evensong Woods Sim)

Hello and welcome back to the messy little closet!
Although I´m not like Adara an official blogger for the Fantasy Faire this year (RL keeps my busy) I'm looking forward for this event for months now and so it is no surprise that I´m using my free time, to show you some creations of the participated stores.

The first store is, like the name of this thread already mentioned, The Plastik! <3
Aikea created for this event two new skins (Draziira & Arkasia, more about them soon) and an armorset, called "Vandariel".
Vandariel is available in 22 colours & each package includes skirts (back, front & double option), chest and waist armor (five sizes from L to XXS), arm and ankle straps and two huds for changing the gem and skirt colours. So it is very easy to customize the armor for your personal style & need!

Some of you know that I like to play with different styles to give you some ideas for the featured items I blog and so I took for all the fantasy creatures out there four pictures (from dryad to mermaid) with the Vandariel armor.
Hope you like it and don´t forget to grab & try the demo at the Fantasy Faire before you buy one of these gorgeous creations. <3

The Plastik @ Fantasy Faire 2013 - Vandariel Armor
The little squares are showing the different colours of the Vandariel armor! ;)

Hair: Shag - Love is a Battlefield
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling Ears
Horns: The Plastik - Valus Horns - Karma
Tattoo: The Plastik - Part of the Draziira Skinpackages (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali Skin - Earthe
Armor: The Plastik - Vandariel Armor - Fool's Gold (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Hair: Truth - Teddy - Seasand
Wings: Remarkable Oblivion - Elysium Ear Accessory
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali Skin - Urane
Tattoo: The Plastik - Feather
Armor: The Plastik - Vandariel Armor - Bone (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Hair: Magika - Distracted
Horns: Trap - Koru - Blood
Tattoo: The Plastik - Daah - Part of the Astrali Skinpackages
Skin: The Plastik - Arkasia - Varoa (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Armor: The Plastik - Vandariel Armor - Volcanic (Fantasy Faire 2013)

Hair: KiK - Fine - Brown (edited)
Ears: [europa] - Sylven Ears - Fair (edited)
Skin &Tattoo: The Plastik - Arkasia - Turqa (Fantasy Faire 2013)
Armor: The Plastik - Vandariel Armor - Malachite (Fantasy Faire 2013)


PS.: Thank you so much Aikea for supporting our blog with your amazing creations and we wish you all the best at the Fantasy Faire 2013!


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