Trap @ Skin Fair 2013

and welcome back to another little blog entry from my side.
Today I have the pleasure to show you one of the new skins from Trap which are available at the Skin Fair 2013. These amazing skins, called "Fade", come in 5 different fantasy colours (Iced, Embers, Green, Odd & Violet) and each pack includes a skin for women and men + tintable eyebrow layer.
The skin itself is covered with a tattoo which runs over the complete body and makes this amazing work complete. I like Selos new creation "Fade" a lot, especially the cute little nose! <33
So, I´ve taken some pictures to show you the new skin + a suggestion to combine this fantasy skin with a "not-so-fantasy-like-look"! ;) Have fun! ... and, don´t forget to try the Demo at the Skin Fair!

Trap - Skin Fair 2013 IITrap - Skin Fair 2013

Hair: Exile - Satisfaction - Chardonnay
Horns: The Plastik - The Renne Horns - Ancient
Ears: Trap - Short Gelf Ears
Earrings: The Plastik - The Stasis Earrings - Starrah
Googles: Graves (Part of the G306 Fever outfit)
Eyes: Dead Apples - Nebula - Planet
Lashes: Maitreya - Mesh Eyelashes (Gift)
Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Addon
Skin: Trap - Fade - Green (Skin Fair 2013)
Collar: Etchaflesh - Kalima Neck Corset
Dress: Dirtyland -  DirtyGirl Dress - Black Line
Arm strap: Dirtyland - Queen of Hearts
Gloves: Scrub - A firm Woman - black
Gloves II: Addict - Doubs Glove Night
Nails: Scrub - I want it!
Leg: Rapture - HP-26 - Heavy Pistol
Leg II: Dirtyland - Battle Kit
Stocking: T. Whore - Punk STocking - Dots
Boots: Gos - Triumph Boots - Worn


PS.: Thank you sooo much Selos, for the amazing skin! <33


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