Hair Fair - Part 1: Gauze

Hair Fair 2012 started yesterday!

I usually dont go to SL events big as that directly on the first day, but yesterday I got up earlier than I planned and so I could be online at a time, the most US people were asleep - which always is a good time to get in the events *grins* I managed to get in at the very first try and I really was surprised that I experienced no lag AT ALL! YAY!

The Fair will take place from July 14th - 29th, raising money for Wigs for Kids. For a complete list of the stores and their location please check the official blog:

Hair Fair - Part 1: Gauze

In this post I present you the Hair Fair releases from Yukio Ida, owner and creator from [Gauze]. All hairstyles come with huds which allows you to recolor the hairs easily.
From left to right: [Gauze] Zenith - [Gauze] Ceres - [Gauze] Strider - [Gauze] Munera

Find [Gauze] at the Flower Sim (follow the red arrow)

will be posted later in separated post, let's focus on the hair for now ;)


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