Keywords - March 2012

While I was preparing a new blogpost for you I had the idea to check our blog-statistics. And somehow they keywords people used and landed in our blog caught my eye.

After some time, I got used to see "femdom" here more then a few times (I did not know, that we used that word so much? *scratches head in confusion*), but I dont want to keep my favorites for March a secret this time XD

Full grown dorkie ... wtf? And a pig on a toe, even as tattoo? Come on, seriously? :D As for ace frozen, I dont even have a clue how they could have landed here. The cerridwen girls in cuffs somehow make some weird sense for me, but that might be me lol. For the last one ... I'm sorry, we can't serve you with that kind of depraved pics. Well maybe we could, but we won't :PPP

So yeah, that made my day today lol

Now I'll be going back, working on the new post XD


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