Fantasy Faire 2012 - yet another Teaser

O - M - G!

I am still totally stunned - and you know why? I tell you: the builders of this years Fantasy Faire seriously outdid themselves!!

I was granted "early early" access yesterday to the sims (Elicio & Elizabeth, thank you so so much for that!!!) and oooohhhh you don't even know where to start looking! As I promised to both of them I will not show too much of the settings, but I have one picture of each sim prepared for you (thanks to Ember for checking (and liking! :D) them).

As a countdown to the opening, on the offical Fantasy Faire blog are interviews with the sim-builders you may want to check out :)

I'll shut it now and just show you the pictures, hoping you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

/edit: I just remembrered, I can only show you 8 out of 9 sims, because one was still under construction, told you, that's the "early early" access thing ;) So even if you have a look at those pics, you will still have a surprise after they're open to the public at the weekend :)

Nu Orne
Fantasy Faire - Nu Orne

Jungle Bungle
Fantasy Faire - Jungle Bungle

Shadows Claw
Fantasy Faire - Shadows Claw

Fantasy Faire - Meandervale

The Tides
Fantasy Faire - The Tides

Siren's Scret
Fantasy Faire - Siren's Secret 1
(This one's for you, Ember ;))

Shifting Sands
Fantasy Faire - Shifting Sands

Fantasy Faire 2012 - The story starts now, with you... on noon April, 21st


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