Fantasy Faire 2012 - Part 8, Cerridwen's Cauldron (Nu Orne)

Oh hai! Already back? Well ok, I've JUST got some pics for you. That's some timing, hu? :D

Today I'm showing you the donation items by Elicio Ember.


He made a big set of Beat Jelly and Bull Kelp. To see them inworld for yourself you can grab a taxi to Siren's Secret for the kelp or one to Nu Orne to see the jelly live. I highly recommend that you take a look on your own, because the pics just cant do justice :)


On the upper picture you have a closer look at one of the Beat Jellys. They come in a set of 6 colors and 4 different versions. The Bull Kelp set includes 3 different versions plus mirrors and an additional straight stalk.


Elicio's store at the Fantasy Faire is located at Nu Orne, enjoy!

 The pictures were taken at the Lost Beach sim. Please remember it's a roleplay sim and there are some rules to follow - thank you :)


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