Fantasy Faire 2012 - Part 4, Trap & Southpaw (Nu Orne)

Hello and welcome back to my first blog entry about the Fantasy Faire 2012 showing you the adorable creations from Trap and Southpaw. <3

Southpaws RFL-donation items are a "flower" - Staff  (for normal size avas & petites) and elven ears.
As you can see on the pictures is the "Nightshade Spell Fire Staff" wearable on the back or in your hand and changes position just by clicking on it. So it very easy for little & big fairys to use it in a RPG. ;)
You also have the possibility to aim & fire with it, when you hold him in your hand.
The cute elven ears come in a package of lots of different style. The reason for it is that each ear has a Zodiac sign as earring. So 12 signs = 12 ears for left & right + an awesome hud which is shown on the last picture of my blog entry. I like to show you this one because it has all what I want to have in a good working hud and it is really easy to use!!! <3

Traps items are beautiful skins (omg, i love this cute little nose <3) and tattoos.
The full body tattoos (RFL-donation item in "Bright Rainbow" & "PurpleLight") are a rework of a skin Selos did before.They are available in many different colors + a tintable version and they look amazing on each skin I tried! <3
Each package of the skin "Chrosa" includes some different skintones and eyebrows (tattoolayer, one of it is tintable) and it is a pleasure for me to show you more of them in my following blog entrys.

Ok, I guess that were enough information from my side. Here are my pictures and a TAXI to Nu Orne where you can find both stores - Trap and Southpaw. :)

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Trap & Southpaw

Fantasy Faire 2012 Trap & Southpaw

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Southpaw

closer view of the adorable staff + the elven ear hud

Hair: Elikatira - Listen - White (Mesh)
Ears: Southpaw - Wood Elf Ears Zodiac (Fantasy Faire 2012)
Eyes: The Plastik - Bloodless - Spring
Eyebrow: Trap - Chrosa - Tintable Eyebrows (Fantasy Faire 2012)
Lashes: Beetlebones - Mesh lashes V.01 - minimalist black (Mesh)
Tattoo: Trap - Chromatic Tattoo - Green Light (Fantasy Faire 2012)
Skin: Trap - Chrosa - Tone 2 (Fantasy Faire 2012)
Staff: Southpaw - Nightshade Spell Fire Staff (Fantasy Faire 2012)
Outfit: Evie´s Closet - Eden - Lily


PS.: Thank you so much Selos and Phedre for your lovely creations! I´ve enjoyed taking the photos with the items! <333


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