Fantasy Faire 2012 - Part 3, Studio Sidhe (Siren's Secret)

Oh hai! Back again? :D

you may have heard it already probably: THE FAIRE IS OPEN !!!
That said, I've got some goodies for you ;) I'm showing you here the donation poses from Studio Sidhe:

:+:SS:+: Mermaid Pearl Diving

:+:SS:+: Not Quite Cupid - Human with Petite Pose

The poses are copy/mod and I think you should just pop over to the store to try them because I don't know what more I could tell you about them what you could'nt see on the pics XD
Please click the pictures for bigger versions :)

You should be checking her store anyways because it is full of awesomeness. You can find a Snow White prop, Alice in Wonderland mushrooms and of course Faery's amazing Unicorn prop among other fantasy poses her booth @ the Faire. What you're waiting for?! Still here? Gooooooo - NOW!

 Taxi to Studio Sidhe @ The Siren's Secret!


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