Fantasy Faire 2012 - Part 2, Booshies (Siren's Secret)

Psssssst you! Yes, you! Did you hear? There are new breedables peeking around the corner!

Maybe you already heard about Booshies. But what in the hell are Booshies? Well, we don't know that for sure at the moment, but WHAT we can say is: they will be so damned cute - I swear to you! The official homepage includes a blog with infos and teasers - like lots of them, so you might want to check that out aswell.

Why we made that excursion, you ask? Because Booshies are generously sponsoring a whole sim for the Fantasy Faire: The Siren's Secret, where their store will be located right at the landing point.
What will they be selling? They're first preorder-packs ever :D Cool, hu? :D And: probably the cutest avatars I've seen around in ... I dunno XD

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Booshies

Yesterday we got the preview packs and as we absolutely had no clue, what they will be releasing for the Faire we of course had to unpack them right then :D And guess, either Naniel and me and squeaked for joy: Tiny-avatars!!

On the upper picture you can find me as Equylon, the pony-like avatar and Naniel as Girecko, or Nessy as we named it with nickname :D

The lower picture is of the Pendle and Urpy avatars. Pendle being the swallow/seal like one and Urpy... well, Urpy reminds me of a crossover from hamster and squirrel XD (that's me btw haha)

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Booshies
Mine? MineMineMineMineMineMineMine!

In the middle we put the very cute box: an egg with blinking eyes. I was even tempted to keep it rezzed in my garden, just because :D

But what really made us burst laughing were the animations included in the avatars. Seriously, adorable! While flying the Urpy is spinning its tail above its head and the Girecko looks like its swimming in the air. You so have to try them, it's really worth it - we promise :D

>>> Visit Booshies at the Siren's Secret on saturday and grab your personal Booshitar


  1. Booshes are one of the cutest things EVERY. When the pets hit the grid its going to be HUGE.

  2. You might have a point here XD
    I think it will be even worse then Meeroos


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