Fantasy Faire 2012 - Part 10, Dreamscaped Designs (Shadows Claw)


Subtitle for the upper picture: 2 tired Bloggers after visiting the Fantasy Faire 2012 - 3 days in a row

That's exactly how we felt, so we got some rest in those adorable chairs by Dreamscaped Designs. They are offered as RFL-items by Dreamscaped Dagger @ Shadows Claw. The chair with flowers is 26 prims, the one without 22. As they are fully mod, I was able to shrink it down to Petite-size YAY! The lower picture shows them in their original size and not photoshopped, but as usual it's best to see them yourself inworld :)

Grab a taxi to Shadows Claw


  1. Thanks for the post, Adara! I actually have a petite sizes available on the sim now after getting some requests, but resizing works just as well since the poses are adjustable. I am glad you liked them! Much appreciated!


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