Fantasy Faire 2012 - another Teaser

April 21-29

The Siren's Secret - Merfolk-Sim. Fantasy Faire 2012

...We continued the exploration. After all, this whole wondrous archipelago would fade back into the mists soon. We had just came out of the towers rising up from the frothing waves to face a huge half sunken city. The water sloshed at the raised walkways as we walked amongst the towering crystal spires and the ancient structures constructed from fossil rich stone. An ancient, primordial sea awaited bellow the waves, with an amphibious city looming above...

-The Siren's Secret
The Apprentice's Journal
(© text & pic: Elicio Ember, Cerridwen's Cauldron)

Fantasy Faire 2012 will open its doors on the 21st of April - it's getting serious, the date is coming closer every day. I can imagine the staff (orga, builders, creators) is already going insane, thinking, they will never finish in time. Breathe, guys and girls, you sure will do an amazing job!

More Infos: Offcial Blog


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