Fashion For Life 2012 - Part V


My fifth post already for the FFL and im not done yet!
This time we'll focus on Razorblade Jacket, V. Swan Song and VFbyLera. You might want to click on the picture to have a closer look on the bigger version ;)

And now: Good night!


Skin: al vulo!- Alena* bad girl - black sunkissed
Hair: Vaughans - Swan Song :: black (FFL)
Eyes: ~Vanity Flair by Lera~ Sonata Volta - TIme FFLEyes 2012 - Exclusive HUNT BOX (79L)
Gloves: =Razorblade Jacket= Black Grunge Glove
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= Purple V-Neck (FFL)
Pants: =Razorblade Jacket= Grunge Cut Offs with Black Tights
Shoes: K.K. Black Chained Combats (by Bad Bobbysocks)
Necklace: Gabriel ::GBw::crest_Necklace_Brown_f
Collar: ::Twisted and Spoiled:: Spiked Metal Collar
Belt: .:A&M:. Belt with dark loops

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