Fantasy Faire 2012 - a Teaser

Nu-Orne- Jungle City Sim. Fantasy Faire 2012

"... I was resting  sipping a warm swamp-lamp tea, resting at from our latest adventure,  with my feet propped on my table when the old wizard Sharian burst into my tower room, beard standing on end and eyes bright. I did not even had time to grown before he threw a knap-sack into my lap.
-Get up lad, the archipelago has been found, we are joining the expedition!-, he said thrusting an old scroll into my face, and yelled over his shoulder as he stormed out of the room;
-Prepare your backpack lad, we will leave soon for the Lost City of Nu-Orne, pack sample vials, reference books, field alembic....- the rest of his diatribe was lost as stormed down the stairs…"

The Expedition
The Apprentice’s Journal
(© text & pic: Elicio Ember, Cerridwen's Cauldron)

My favorite event in SL is casting its shadow: the Fantasy Faire 2012!
I got this note today from Elicio Ember and can finally tell the date: April 21-29 and he will be building a sim again. I'm sure it will be atleast as amazing as the great swamp he built for last years fair.

I'm already looking forward to the items the amazing designers will create for this event.
Check the official blog for more infos :)

(© pic: Marcus Inkpen)

PS: I'm sure you will finish what you planned and I tried to find your typos Elicio ;) Oh and thanks for letting me use the text and picture :))


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