Graves Gravity

Hello and welcome back to my little blog entry.
Today I have another little "comic strip" showing you the newest creation from Graves - Gravity.

Gravity is, in my opinion, an amazing SciFi -Suit with an extremly good quality and lovely details.
The Suits are available in 7 different colors (clear/gray/red/blue/purple/green/brown).

As I got the megapack I tried the different suits and was really impressed how pretty the single colors are and I decided to show you more than just one outfit because it would be a pitty if I wouldn´t do it ;)
So I got more and more ideas for different styles and I started to create this little comic with the different characters.

I really hope you like it because it was a littly bit tricky to "write a short story" in english and not in german. Here is the final product of my mind and another picture showing you all characters together ;) Have fun!

(Btw.... "Gravity" is also the name of an awesome song from the group "A Perfect Circle". *their music is awesome*)

Graves - Gravity

Graves - Gravity

Credits "Doc"
Hair: Diva - Mana - Cat´s Eye
Ears: Trap - Drow & Elf Beastie Ears
Blindfold: Panda Express - T.V Medicated Blind Fold
Scratches: Repulse - Gashed Eyelids Face Tattoo
Skin: Pink Fuel - Alyx - Honey - Candy Hearts (Valentine Item)
Suit: Graves - G371 Gravity - Red (NEW)
Cuff: NeurolaB Inc - Cuffs Medica
Belt: NeurolaB Inc - Medica Belt
Shoes: Graves - G224 Ankle Boots - Black

Credits "Brooke"
Hair: redQueen - Dreams - Teal
Glasses: Miel - Pilot Peppers
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Ultimate Eye Set - Blues
Eyeshadow: La Malvada Mujer - Verde #2
Bubblegum: Pink Fuel - Bubblegum!
Skin: The Body Co - Ylang Ylang - 02 Ivory
Headphones: Arche Nor. - Softplayers
Suit: Graves - G372 Gravity - Blue (NEW)
Boots: NeurolaB Inc - AntiGrav Boots - Black

Credits "Captain"
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sybille - Chocolate  (Mesh & New)
Horns: Illusions - Cernwn Horns & Grumble Horns
Goggles: Graves - Part of the G306 Fever Outfit
FaceTattoo: HoD - Part of the Mezzanine Piercing Set
Eyes: Rue - Eye d/Nereid - Caribbean & Seafoam
Lashes: LeLutka - 2011 lashes/curl
Piercing: HoD - Cathaldus Piercing
Skin: The Body Co - Chocolata - Medium Light Ebony
Suit: Graves - G369 Gravity - Clear (NEW)
Spots: SN - Mark of the Beast - Leopard Smooth
Shoes: Graves - G224 Ankle Boots - Black

Credits "Velvet"
Hair: Truth - Tammy - Night
Earrings: Amorous - Die Schlacht
Eyes: Sugarpill - iGaze - Blind
FaceTattoo: HoD - Part of the Cathaldus Piercing Set
Mask: TonkTastic - The Respirator
Skin: Redgrave - Trinity - Paper Skin - 07
Suit: Graves - G370 Gravity - Gray (NEW)
Gun: Rapture - HP-26
Shoes: Graves - G101 Alpha Boots - Black

Taxi? ;)



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