Winterwonderland (or: Suule-Statues by Cerridwen's Cauldron)

Hey guys!

Im finally posting my very first blogentry for 2012 - yay!
And actually I'm very behind with this one, but with the changes in my life lately I had to get the control back over some things and enough to sort out. So my apologies for the readers I've badly neclegted and to Elicio who kindly sent me this creation.

Please note: Isnt that a great slideover to the actual topic? :P

So, what are we talking about in this post? About one of the bit older releases by Elicio Ember, creator behind the Cerridwen's Cauldron brand.

The Suule-Statue Flutes set comes with the 2 different column versions and with a pretty fountain (which i put in my living room :D) and each of them in 6! colors. The color featured in the pictures is tower stone, because it worked so well with the winter place I was building.
What really surprised me was that there is some "wind play" sound included. If you click on the build, a menu will popup with all the settings possible. Activated, it will play a little realaxing sound, just as the wind would sound if it would glide through the curlicues.

The flowers on the upper pictures are the Shift Thistles, also made by Elicio.

And now, as I usually tend to finish my Cerridwen's Cauldron posts:
Go there and get yourself some damn pretty things to decorate your home!


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