Say Yes...

to Chief Yellowhorse! :D
"Say Yes" and "Chief Yellowhorse" are the names of two stores which are selling western and native clothing and I got the possibility to show some of their stuff here in my little blog entry.
So if you are looking for awesome clothes for your western rpg or something similar you should take a few minutes to visit both store.
First of all I´ll show you some clothes from "Chief Yellowhorse" and after that from "Say Yes".
Hope you like them! Have fun!
Btw.. Need a Taxi? Here goes to Chief Yellowhorse & to Say Yes :)

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit: Chief Yellowhorse - Navajo everyday clothes - blue ornament

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit: Chief Yellowhorse - Farmer Outfit

Chief Yellowhorse

Outfit left: Chief Yellowhorse - Native Dress Blue
Outfit right: Chief Yellowhorse - POW WOW Dress - darkblue

"Say Yes"
Outfit left: Say Yes - 1344 (Mesh)
Outfit right: Say Yes - 1347 (Mesh)



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