Meadows of Heaven (- .HoD. - Dragon Spirals)

This picture turned out much more softer and as something completely different as I first planned. Actually my arctic fox was supposed to be shown here but theren I figured you would prefer to see the spirals how they look for real, as they are made for a human avatar.

So, Aydan lately added some more colors to the new piercing-sets. Metallic blue, purple, teal, red and pink are the new ones, the classics razor, slide and silver - which makes all together 8 colors to pick from. Also included in this Set is version for the left ear without the additional piercings.

Please note that this set will NOT be available at the HoD mainstore location. You can grab it only at the ZombiePopcorn Brand until the 21st.But you should go check the mainstore anyways :P

What I personally really adore on HoD creations is, that they are completely modify! I lost count on how many I already "destroyed" to use pieces for my different furry avatars O:-)

Besides that, just because it had happened to me today, why in the world are there still creators who sell their items no mod? I don't get it. I got a nice shirt with prim attachements and I just cant make it fit - and my shape is not that awkward. Same like hair, no mod? Why?! I'm tired of having parts of hair sticking in my neck or in my breasts -.-' Please designers: MOD is cool!!! We will still buy other colors, seriously!


Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Fair - Winter A4 (LB)
Hair: [e] Later - White 05
Eyes: .ID. January Gift - Honey
Lashes: :: Exodi :: Eyelashes
Makeup: .:Glamorize:. Faded Love Lips - Nudish
Earrings: - .HoD. - Dragon Spirals (silver) NEW!!!


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