... is the name of the new cute Mesh hair from Wasabi Pills.
The hair comes with a ribbon and a clip and you can change their color with a hud which is also included in the pack. Lovely, isn´t it?
Here is a snapshot! Have fun! <3

New @ Wasabi Pills
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Sachiko - Cinnamon (NEW)
Ears: Gauze - Mythic Ear
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Ultimate Eye Set - Brown
Lashes: Lelutka - lashes/curl
Piercing: .HoD. - Silentium Piercing Collection
Piercing II: ni.ju - Monroe Piercing (freebie)
Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth addon
Whiskers: Fidget Inc - Recolorable Whiskers
Skin:Tres Blah (Collabor 88 Item)
Necklace: League - Vintage Jewellery
Outfit: League - Sakura Corset & Lingerie Set (Vintage Fair)
Shoes: The Abyss - Hydrogen Ballet



The Plastik - Please Support Aikea!

Hello and welcome back to my little blog entry for today!
I have a few lines for you, which I received in a NC yesterday.

Hey, everyone. I'm sorry I havent been on much in the past week, Ive been dealing with a lot of stress, and a very big crisis.
I started making and building in Second life in 2003-2004. Ive had many shops over the years, made many things, and i still have every single piece, every file, every texture. Until a few days ago.
I store all of my work on a massive, 4TB Hard Drive. Everything is on it, my entire life, every picture ive ever taken, every scrap of work. A few days ago, it fell onto the tile floor, about a 2 foot drop, and the reading arm broke.

My computer is basically empty, i have none of my PSD's or any of my files anymore, unless I can get that drive fixed. Ive gone to several places and the average price of fixing it is around 1200$. The reason its so expensive is because the Reading Arm is broken, and to fix that you have to take apart the hard drive, which cannot be done unless you're in a sanitary clean room or a dustfree environment. If one speck of dust gets on the reader heads, it can damage your hard drive permanently.

Bottom line: I've got to raise the money to get this fixed, or i'll be starting over from scratch on EVERYTHING.

I'm going to be setting everything in the store on sale over the next couple days to half price- It shouldnt take me too long, but i do have a lot of products, so we'll see.
If you see me down in the store and you say hello, and I dont respong, i'm not ignoring you! I'm just working to get this done ASAP. :)

All skins will be 50% off,
All the NEW Aleria and Averian skins are 40% off.
All clothing will be 50% off,
All Eyes and tattoos will be 50-70% off,
And anything else in the store will be at 50% off.

I'll keep this up for a week or so, depending on how many people show up and how much money ive raised.
I know that this is a lot to ask, for people to come shop and help me raise the money to get this fixed, it's just so important i get the contents of this drive back.
I'm awaiting quotes on data retrieval from several different other companies to see who's going to cost the most, highest recovery rate, and all of that.

If you know of a service or a business who specialize in that, you can feel free to send me a note with all the info. I will take all the help I can get.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this notecard and hear me out. Ive never been one to ask for anything, but this is a really big crisis.
I want to be able to keep creating beautiful things in second life, and I want to be around much longer. <3
-Aikea Rieko, The Plastik.


I´ve taken a photo to show you (once again) how amazing her creations are!
So take the chance to buy your favorite skin/clothes/tattoo/etc. from The Plastik for a really fair price to help Aikea! Thanks <3

The Plastik

Hair: Lelutka
Ears, Eyes, Skin, Clothes: The Plastik
Piercing: ellabella



Serenade of Sorrow (HoD)

So yeah, I know I neglected you lately but I promise it'll be better in the future. I was having a rough time personally and wasnt much in SL and so I didnt blog much either. It's still kinda hard to find the right words for my posts so I'll just make it short ok.

Go and see the new release by -.HoD.- N O W! You know you want it.



Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Sally] - [ black Porcelain ]
Hair: AD - dive dark
Makeup: +Nuuna+ Chained (incl. with the HoD piercings)
Piercing face: - .HoD. - Chained - Slide
Piercing nipples: - .HoD. - Lustful "Chained" Prt. 2 - Slide
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine Eyes: Deep
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Collar: - .HoD. - Draconic Spiked Collar v4
Skirt & stockings: JD WRAPPED IN SILVER XT


The Plastik - Transcience Tops

Hello and welcome back to my newest little blog entry showing you the newest creation from "The Plastik" - The Transcience Tops!
Each Pack contains sculpted tops in 2 different colors + a long and a short version of the tops + tintable version of the tie. Every top is copy/mod, so if you need to change the size a little bit it´ll be no problem! :)
So... take a look on the picture and after that.... use this TP to the store and get one of these amazing tops! ;)

The Plastik - Transcience Tops
Hair: LeLutka - Blythe - Harvard
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Summertime Reflections - DBrown /The Woods
Lashes: LeLutka - 2011 Lashes - Curl
Piercing: ellabella - Cellular Level
Teeth: PXL - OpenMouth Addon
Top: The Plastik - Transcience Tops (NEW!!!)
Skirt: League - Nomad Maxi Skirt - Burgundy



Shadow in the dark (redMint)

Listen up guys!
redMint has 50% sale til the 16th of novembre. Looking for new skin(s) and hair? You sure will find something there.

Check this post out for pictures of the girl-stuff

The Shadow:

Skin: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ No.01 deadSKIN ~ UNSHAVED
Hair: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ No.02 (M) ~ Dark Brown
Tattoo: .:Platinum Tattoos:. Badland Upper Body tattoo
Pant: ~Tableau Vivant~ Rhett pants
Belt: .:Hermony:. LuckyDeath Belt (black)
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Voyage


RMK Gothic Mall

Welcome back to my newest blog entry!
The RMK Gothic Mall has opened some days ago and shops like ni.ju, c.A. or WEG placed an opening gift in their store. Don´t miss them ;) TP?

LOTD 12.11.2011
Hair: Elikatira - Novel
Ribbon: c.A. - Pearl Ribbon (RMK Opening Gift)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Shine Eyes
Teeth: PXL - Open Mouth Addon
Skin & Freckles: Tres Blah - Glossed Skin - Pale (Current Collabor88)
Necklace: League - Vintage Jewellery
Dress: WEG - Les Jardin des Roses (RMK Opening Gift)



Sale, Sale, Sale!!!

Hey, welcome to my little blog entry for today!
If you haven´t already heard but it´s sale at (red)Mint and it´s your big chance to get the lovely skins and hair for an awesome price!
Wanna see some stuff? No problem! Here is my picture showing some of the skins and hairstyles ;)

Sale @ (red)Mint
So come on, take the LM to the shop before it is too late ;)



Wasabi Pills

Welcome back to this little blog entry about the newest Mesh Hair from Wasabi Pills called "Orion".
I´m still not the biggest fan of Mesh because I´m still using the phoenix viewer(less lag and simple to use) but as I tried Orion I was suprised how cute Mesh hair can be and I guess a reason for me to come online with the firebird the next days! ;)
But first here is the picture to it, have a lovely day and don´t forget to buy the demo! ;)

Wasabi Pills
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Orion (NEW!)
Eyes & Piercing: ellabella - Cellular
Skin: Redgrave - Paper Skin Trinity
Dress: Evie´s Closet - Madeleine Gown - blue (SALE!)