The Plastik - Hallo 2011 Skins

and welcome back to my little blog entry for today.
Tomorrow it´s Halloween and for you guys and girls who haven´t the right skin for this day I maybe have a lovely idea! ;)
The Plastik released the skins "Hallo 2011" (for male and female) which are covered with different creepy tattoos over the body. So you can see on the "natural" tones bones and muscles and on the dark versions scales or spider webs.
They look really awesome and I guess it´s a must-have for this Halloween!
Here is picture showing you the female skins.
So don´t forget after looking on the pictures to use this TP to the Plastik! ;)

The Plastik - Hallo 2011 Skins
Hair: Govil -Leo / Elikatira - Novel (Sale) /Govil / Elikatira - Rush (Sale) /kik
Skin: The Plastik: Hallo 2011 Skins - Dark Widow/ Dark Skele/ Light Widow/ Light Skele/ Lagoona



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