Cerridwen's Cauldron: The Lost Halls

It's open!!!

Yes you read right, the new home for Cerridwen's Cauldron Mainstore is finally open. I was allowed to take a peak short before the official opening but due to my RL-Travel (without internet!! *cries*) I couldnt tease with pics, what i actually planned.

But today I finally had the opportunity to explore the sim how it deserves to be. I ended up with loads - no: L O A D S ! - of pictures. The sim turned out absolutely gorgeous, no wonder regarding how much work Elicio puts in his work. The decorations are all available at the store so you'll be able to create your own paradise at your home!

I decided to show you few pics of each corner of the sim, so there will be some more posts during the following weeks. Are you excited yet? :D

We will start with the mainstore itself. You'll land there, if you tp in and as you can see, even this spot is already worth to get discovered.

Enjoy :)

Want to explore on your own? Take the taxi! ==>> Taxi


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