It's alive!!

Yeah baby, it's or better: I am alive lol
After a little RL-break the blog will be up and running again ;) I'm starting off with this outfit from Dilly Dolls called "Davinia". Honestly, the corset part is one of hell of adjustement so I decided to go with modding my shape!! Yes I *did* mod my shape, which I really barely do, but I stretched, enlarged and made it thinner all over. Finally the only parts which hadnt changed were the face and the feet XD
But I must admit: It was really worth the work and I'm really happy with the result.

Now I only have to say enjoy the pics :)

Read about the look:

Skin: LAQ ~ Elena 08 [Pale] Glow skin
Hair: Skinthesis - CAHH2 - It's Alive! (old huntgift, not longer available & store temp. closed)
Eyes: ][.R.][ Lupine: Blood]
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Gown: *DD* Davinia
Necklace: Collar Black Rose silver Set (on XLS)


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