The Amazon (HoD)


To keep it a little bit separated and also not to put too many pics one post (as this one is a bit bigger) I'll show you the other piercings from HoD in this post.

In the male post before you already saw the Screw Piercing Set now here are the 3 missing ones. All sets come in three different colors aswell as mostly in different styles. Both piercings with belly-attachement use a lockscript which holds your upper body straight so the piercings wont drown in your body - YAY!

As Aydan stated in the included info, those piercings are best worn with a low prio AO so it won't override the animation lock. Otherwise you can of course remove the animation along with the script, the piercings are full mod.

The Piercings
- .HoD. - Cast Off Piercing / - .HoD. - Mezzanine Piercings / - .HoD. - Symphony Piercing

The Look:

Skin: :[P]:-Lionheart-Fable-Decembrice
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dedrick Hair - Sapphire
Ears: came with skin
Eyes: :[P]: Frozen Soul - Orgy
Pants & Armor: Wasabi Pills - Rebel (old opening gift for the sim)

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