Wasabi Pills - White Death Armor & Antiope Hair

Wasabi Pills

Yeah baby! Don't we look dangerous? hehe
What you will discover in this post are the latest (unisex) Armor and the Antiope hair by Wasabi Pills. We're running late with this but RL was being really bitchy the last weeks for both of us so yeah ... you know the deal.

I picked those 6 colors randomly out of 28. The Antiope hair is the first MissAllSunday Lemon, the creator behind Wasabi Pills, ever made with using the new tattoo layer as a hairbase. I definetely love hairstyles like that, you don't have to much to make them fit your head :D I have no clue how I managed this, but the form of my head makes it hard sometimes to make the hair ift. So with this hairbases the mainpart is already done and I only had to shrink the prim part a bit - et voilá :)

Wasabi Pills

Now .. the White Death Armor!
The armor is unisex but from what Naniel told me a bit tricky to make it fit a female avatar. You will need a bit patient to shrink everything down. But as you can see on the pictures it is well worth the effort :)

Credits for the looks on the first picture:

Skin: ~Mynerva~Kianna Darkwood Drow Cleavage White Brows
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Antiope Hair - Iceberg
Eyes: Mynerva~Elemental eyes
Tattoo: CSBA_by_Anton_full_body_tattoo_Spider_1_7_pcs (probably huntgift, not sure)
Outfitt: ::: B@R ::: Uroboros
Shoes: Slink Whitney Boots Black
Weapons: Dagger of Darkness v2.1, ~ Medusa Weapons ~ Black Corsair Sword

Hair: RQ - Dreams - Orchid
Ears: Trap - Drow & Elf Beastie Ears
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt - Magic Floods Out Of My Soul
Skin: Gauze - Coal - Kayn
Armor + Horns: Wasabi Pills - White Death Armor
Bow: LR Weapons - Primordial Bow


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