Rouge & Eyeshadow

Welcome back to my newest little blog entry! <3
Today I have some lovely "makeup-tips" for you! Curious? I´m sure you are! ;)
I talked to Amiee Galacia owner of (Ag) a few days ago. I saw her awesome eyeshadows, rouges and other amazing stuff and thought "that is something for our blog"!!
So I picked up some rouge and eyshadows which I thought you would like it too. ^^
My favorites is the "Blushed Pack" (first picture) because I have some skins which looks sooo cute with them. There are all light rouge tones, so you won´t look like a clown when you wear it.
The second picture shows you some freaky, colorful eyeshadow. Wear it to your next big party! It will look awesome! ;)
The last pictures shows you some pastel-coloured, tropical eyeshadows, for those of you who liked it more discreet.
So here are the pictures. Enjoy it! :)

Ag - Blushed Pack
(Ag) Blushed Pack - cupid(big)/Dolled up(top left)/dramatic Coral(top right)/Flushed(bottom left)/Honey(bottom right)

Ag - Bright Pops Shadow Pack
(Ag) Bright Pops Shadow - Bang On Blue Shadow(big)/Big T Shadow(t1)/Eyepopping Shadow(t2)/Fab & Flashy Shadow(t3)/Going Bananas Shadow(t4)/Out To Shock Shadow(b1)/Passionate Shadow(b2)/Romping Shadow(b3)/Wondergrass Shadow(b4)

Ag - Tropical Shadows
(Ag) Tropical Shadows - Coral Reef(t1)/Mermaid(t2)/Sun Conure(b1)/Sunset(b2)/Tropical Greens(b3)/Blue Lagoon(big)

You like the makeup? Then you should buy it! ;)
On marketplace!
Or in her shop!

Thank you Amiee for your wonderful creations! <3



  1. hi can i ask what skin it is in the 1st pic plz i love it

  2. Sure! :D
    First skin is from ILLUSORY - Paige - Fair - Stained B2.
    Second one is from Novita - Aurora 02/01.
    Third one is from Redgrave - Vampire Daylight Skin - Trinity!

    Naniel :)

  3. hey his may sound like a sl=illy question to u as am awfully ill-informed in these things, but the conure eyeshadow mentioned here is not a real life on is it? :D hope to hear from u cheers!

  4. uhm, as this is a blog about SECOND LIFE and i never in RL saw any tattoo layer to plaster your eye lids with ... no this is not about rl-eyeshadow^^


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