Wasabi Pills - Khalon Armour

dear followers and guests to my newest blog entry. I guess some of you knows how difficult it is to get an awesome armour for a female warrior, right? I had similar problems with my alt in the last years. So it is a pleasure for me to show you today the Khalon Armour from Wasabi Pills, which is also created for female bodys (... and of course there is a male version too) ;)
It comes with breast plate, arm and leg armour and a crown(the weapons, which are shown are not included). If you have problems with the size, there are resizer scripts, to give you the possibility to fit it perfectly to your shape :)
Here are the pictures to the Khalon Armour. Have Fun!

Wasabi Pills

Wasabi Pills

Hair: (Red) Mint - Hair No.05 - Dark Teal <------ NEW!
Eyes: The Plastik - Haunt Collection - Atlante1
Skin & Tattoo: Gauze - Kayn - Ice
Armour: Wasabi Pills - Khalon Armour - female <--- TAXI
Swords: KD - Hadhafang Sword

A lovely armour, thank you MissAllSunday Lemon for it!

Naniel Finlayson


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