Lustful Piercings - HoD

Or. Weeee - topless pics :P

I know, I know, they are out since few weeks now, but as life sometimes gets very bitchy I didnt have the time to post that earlier. The piercings come in a pack of 5 different styles in 3 colors each and an attachement with nipples only. They are fully sculpted and modify, so you can easily adjust them to fit your skin and shape. Remember: always keep a copy ! ;)

I just hope you enjoy my male me as much as you do my female me *grins*

Please click the picture for a bigger version, you'll be able to read the labeling far better then :P

PS: Yes i _did_ feel weird as a guy lol


Skin: Redstar - Fuq'd Deviance Skin
Eyes: ~Mynerva~ Elemental
Hair: [Anaphora]_Fre$hCuts_Noir_Tiger


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