Londinium Gearworks: FENRIS ASSAULT SHIP

The Fantasy Faire is finally over and was a big success. We all together raised incredible 5,262,533 LS that's 21,540 US$. Actually this post was supposed to be published during the week of the Faire but due to some RL issues (thank you, boss ^^) I wasnt able to do it in time. But now I'm taking the chance to guide you back into another fantasy: Discovering the space!

(showing the staires with the rezzer for the smaller scout ship)

I got this spaceship from Londinium Gearworks as a review and it took us some time to figure something out, to present it you the best way. After we figured something we had a problem - in the most positive way: We had to discover the many possibilities this ship gives you.

It is mod/copy and includes the following features (snippet from the manual):
- 32 prims
- Sculpted Hull Parts
- Physical Flight
- HULL COLOR CHANGE System for ANY color choice you can make with a dual coloring system on 2 parts of hull- for both FENRIS and BANE
- Seating for 3; One (1) Pilot and two (2) passengers (NOTE: 3rd passenger is a Standing animation in back of crew cabin. Click and sit on floor to use this 'seat').
- In-Sim Warp
- Scene Rezzers
- Gunner Chair and working Cannon
- Ordance Control Panel for dropping bomblets or rezzing Mine generators with 10, 20, 30, and 60 minute life
- Rezzer for BANE: Small One-Person Scout Ship w/ 30 Minute Life Span - Color Change System also
- Retractable Landing Gear
- 96 Meter Radar
- NOVATECH Teleporter Pad built-in
- Sculpted Seats with animated sit poses

(left: walking from the docktube into the ship, right: the control panel with access control and rezzer menues)

You can rezz 3 different settings (boxes) as 70m sphere around the ship which are really impressive and well made. No need to mention that you can fly around with the big Fenris ship and also with the smaller scout ship, right? The included manual gives a good overview over all features included, further information about the Zerbino warp drive and also some piloting instructions.

What you're waiting for? ==>>> Taxi to Londinium Gearworks Mainstore

To complete: My outfit is from +DV8+ & the pics taken by kaisernounours DeCuir


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