The little BIG Shop Event

The little BIG Shop Event started on april 15th. The event was created to hel bringing clean water to Africa and India. Each creator made atleast one item especially for this event and the raised funds will go the

Thats how it works (snippet from the NC):

BIG shops: These shops are generally well-established, well-known stores who are having success in the SL market.The designers in this role should be willing to help and be committed to mentoring the little shop.

little shops: These shops are usually just starting out and may or may not have a start-up business in
 world. Generally, these designers just want to learn new things and need a little advice. They will need be just as committed as big shops!

Shown in this post are some of the items created for this event.

Hair: -dDx- Karina - Limited Editions
Gown: *OC* Aqua Flowers
Jewelry: (SS) Chrysalis Multi Stone Set
Deco: *Tatty Soup* The Rusty Tub

Skin: PHRESH - Water Goddess Avatar
Eyes: PHRESH - Water Goddess Avatar
Included in the pack is also a shape but I used my own one.

Prop & Pose:PHRESH - Flawless Beauty Pose

AJA Beachin´Set (TLBS) by Rinoa Cathcart
Swimsuit: AJA - Beachin´ Set
Hippo: AJA - Beachin´ Set
Water wings: AJA - Beachin´ Set
Flippers: AJA - Beachin´ Set

AC Lipsticks (TLBS) by Rinoa Cathcart
Lipsticks: AC - Blue Bird/Blue Water/ Hades Blue Lipstick

Oh, right, you need the taxi! ==>> Taxi!!!


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