Graves - G306 Fever

to my newest blog entry! *woohoo*
The last one was a little bit freaky..... this one will be hot! *rawr* ´Cause I show you in this little posting the newest creation from Jackie Graves, owner of "Graves".
I adore her outfits! They are soooo sexy! And the quality of the prims and textures is awesome!
Her newest creation is called "G306 Fever". The outfit comes with googles (worn on the eyes or head), two blouse options (transparent and not) , tie, belt (2 different versions), skirt, gloves, belt pocket straps and stocking (sword is not included!)! Everything (prims) has a resizer script to fit it perfectly to your shape!
Sounds good? Wanna see some photos? Yeaahh!!
So here are two pictures of the sexy outfit "G306 Fever" from Graves! Have fun!


Graves - G306 Fever

Hair: Govil - Leo - black <---(GIFT)
Googles: Graves - G306 Fever
Eyes: The Plastik - VaeCollection - Suli
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes black shorter
Piercings: kOwP - Justice/Reliance
Skin: LAQ - Elena - Pale - 10
Outfit: Graves - G306 Fever
Tattoo: Graves - G306 Fever
Sword: insanya - Serial Killer Katana
Shoes: Graves - G101 - Alpha Boots - Black

You are in love with the outfit? Or wanna see more amazing creations from Graves? Then you should visit Jackie´s shop! TAXI!

At the end I wanna say thank you to Jackie! It was really a pleasure taking the photos with your awesome outfit! TYVM!! <3



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