Fantasy Faire 2011 - Trap (Dark Mirage Sim)

welcome to the messy little closet again! Today I have two little blog entrys for you! Yep, you´ve heared right! Two little blog entrys in one day with lots of really (REALLY!) amazing stuff from the Fantasy Faire 2011! Wooohoooo!!! My first one is about Trap! You know Trap? I´m sure you know them when you read some of my older blog entrys where I´m wearing the freakin cute Beastie ears! I loooovvve them!!! But Selos Dae, owner of Trap, has created so much more then only the ears. You like special fantasy skins? Or cute, colorful outfits with lovely details? Freaky eyes and hairstyles? Then you have to visit Trap! Okay... I´m a little bit excited to show you now the current Fantasy Faire outfit from Trap - Spiked Coat & Spiked Pants (both are available for men and women). Together they look pretty cool (look on the pictures if you don´t believe it :P) but even alone they are awesome! Okay... once again.. I guess a picture will tell more then 1000 words... so here we are! Have fun!


Trap - Spiked Coat & Spiked Pants

So if you fall in love with Trap like me.. you have to hurry up to get the Coat & Pants ;)
You´ll find Trap on the Dark Mirage sim! Need a taxi? TAXI!

Selos, once again, thank you so much for these really, really cool coat and pants!

Naniel Finlayson


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