Fantasy Faire 2011 - Rose Princess (Sea of Mer Sim)

Welcome to my newest blog entry - once again I´ll like to show you a store of the current Fantasy Faire 2011. This time it is the shop "Rose Princess". The owner, CelestialRay Serpente, created wonderful clothes for cute fairys and mermaids and I decided to show you today the fairydress "Pansy Dream" in violet. It comes with 4 different skirt versions, sleeves, wings and a little floral wreath. :)
Here is now my picture of the "Pansy Dream" dress. Have fun! ... and btw... if you like the dress or you are curious about the other stuff of "Rose Princess" go the the Fantasy Faire 2011 ;)

Rose Princess - Pansy Dream - Violet

I like to say thank you to Ray for this cute dress! Hope you have a good time on the faire! :)

Naniel Finlayson


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