Fantasy Faire 2011 - Gilded (Dark Mirage Sim).....

... or let´s talk about men stuff! ;)
Welcome to my newest blog entry. My second about one of the amazing shops which will be on the Fantasy Faire 2011! And this little blog entry is special to me because normally I write about women stuff... sure because I am a little girl with tons of dresses .... :D
But today I have my focus on Gilded and their release for the faire - the Scorpion Armor. A really cool breastplate for men which comes also with shoulder and arm guards! You can choose from 5 different colors, so I guess it won´t be a problem to find the right one for your needs.
But hey girls... don´t be sad because the armor is mod and so in my opinion it is easy to fit the shoulder and arm guards even for wild Amazons (maybe I´ll take another photo of it later and post it here too).
I like to show you now the Scorpion Amor in coal, steel and bronze. Have fun... and don´t forget to buy them on the Fantasy Faire 2011, Dark Mirage sim!

Gilded - Scorpion Armor
You are interested in other stuff of Gilded? Take a taxi to the mainstore ;)

Thank you Kras for the really awesome armor! Keep on with your good work :D

Naniel Finlayson


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