Fantasy Faire 2011 - Evie´s Closet (Forest of Light Sim)

Sooooooo here we are with my second blog entry for today, still talking about the Fantasy Faire 2011.
Annnnnnndd like I wrote in my last posting I have something really, really gorgeous for you!!! But I guess you aren´t suprised that it will be so when you read the name of the shop in the headliner - Evie´s Closet!
Yep, this little blog entry has its focus on Evangeline Miles creations for the Fantasy Faire. Not all of them.... only on two of her creations because Adara will show you the other lovely outfits later ;)
Okay... but back to my little one and the two gorgeous gowns Coppelia (blush ) and Milli (Coconut Ice). And once again it is *searching for words* you put the clothes on and it fits like a glove!! (btw... it´s the same with Trap or other stores which Adara and I mostly show here in our blog) I really appreciate that because I know many other shops in SL where I have to change every single prim before it fits right. *sigh*
I like to show you now the Gown Coppelia (blush) and then Milli (Coconut Ice).
Ahhh.. one last thing... normally I use different static poses for my pictures.... but I was so in love as I saw how amazing the gown Coppelia looks like when the AO is on that I use mine for these pictures!!! <3


Evie´s Closet - Coppelia Gown

Evie´s Closet - Milli Gown

You wanna get these gowns before it is too late? Then you need a TAXI!

Evangeline, you are such a sweetheart! Thank you sooo much! <3

Naniel Finlayson


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