Depraved Exclusives - Bloggers needed!!!

Depraved Nation is organizing an exclusive release group that will start the first week in May.  Designers have been invited to join this group based on the high quality of their work, they have been hand picked by us and the group will always remain exclusive.

We are looking for bloggers, not just any bloggers, but fun, creative, interested bloggers who will help promote this group and receive some awesome gifts from the designers involved for doing so.  If you are interested in being a part of the team, please contact Heather Smithson or myself, Adara Cascarino, inworld, so we can pass you a little application form (just to keep it organised ;) ).

Some of the participating designers for the first cycle are: LouLou&Co., Sassy Kitty Designs, Epic, Xplosion and Razorblade Jacket.

(Sorry Heather, stole this from your NC but couldnt think of something better :P)


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