Plastik ... and crashes

to my newest blog entry and I´m really, really sorry that this one comes soooo late!!
First of all the reason why I´m not in time is... my computers hates me.... since a few weeks!!!
And he hates it when I like to play difference computer games or similar stuff. And he shows me that in crashing again and again.... and believe me it is soo cruel trying to take ONE snapshot when you have such problems!!! *wuuaahh*.....
So this night my bf and I tried to fix this problems and I hope that it works better now... *pat pat her computer*
Okay.... this is reason why I´m soo late... and I guess some of you will say now "Okkkayy.... so why does she writes this blog entry then, when it is not in time?"
My answer to it: Because I love the stuff I´ll show you now!!! And I have fun taking photos for this blog and show other people where the clothing, hairs, ears etc.. come from. So *pssstt* listen now....

I like to present you today the amazing Valah Skins from The Plastik!!! A really handsome fantasy skin! Over the whole body lays a beautiful tattoo which comes in a dark and light version. So you have to choose your favorite.... or take both :)
Like the other Ataciara skins it comes in lots of different makeup which makes a lot of fun to mix it to different styles!
So here we are with some photos of it..... enjoy it! <3

Read about the look:

Exile - Pandora - earth
Skin & Ears: The Plastik - Ataciara Valah Skins - Hominid (last fifty linden friday item)
Eyes: The Plastik - Magic Floods Out of my Soul (prims)
Outfit: Emo-tion - Persephone

To Aikea: Thank you sooo much! I really love these skins!! <3

Naniel Finlayson


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