Gatcha, Gatcha, Gatcha

I looooovvvveee gatcha machines! And there were lots of situations .... standing in front of one thinking ...."should i try it or not?" .... So today I like to show you some beautiful gatcha items, which are every l$ worth! I´m talking here about the gatcha makeups and eyes from the Plastik. Amazing, colorful makeups and freaky eyes! Yeah!!! Both are made for the gatcha festival at Jersey Shore. I am so in love with the makeup that I´m quiet sure that you´ll meet me from time to time in front of these gatcha machines.... spending a lot of money *lol* But first I like to show you some of the makeups and eyes ;) Have fun!

Makeup: The Plastik - Gatcha PatternShadows - Hawai/Indian Gold(rare)/ Jasmin/Niim(rare)/Sea <-- Taxi
Eyes: The Plastik - Gatcha Teren Eyes - Freak/ Haka/ Naked/ Venum(rare)/ Wrath <---Taxi

Aikea, the makeups are soooooooooo amazing! thanks a lot!

Naniel Finlayson


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