Fantasy Faire 2011 - Cerridwen's Cauldron! (Exotic Worlds Sim)

The Fantasy Faire 2011 is about to star off and Elicio Ember, the lovely creator behind Cerridwen's Cauldron, allowed me to take a peek at some things he will be releasing as limited editions for the faire. Cerridwen's Cauldron will be located at the "Exotic Worlds" sim.

Seen on the dark pictures  the Skeechen Rune-Stone Set, RFL Limited Ed. It comes in 4 different colors (as shown on the first pic) but as they are mod & copy you can give your creativity full scope :D
The light pictures after show you the Pulse Fungi, RFL Ed. Bag. A pack of huge (yes i MEAN huge!!!) pretty, glowy mushrooms. The pack includes the 6 colors shown, but they are also completely mod & copy - YAY!

Both sets are completely menu driven which allows you to turn light off/on, adjust the pulse to your needs and likes and you also can turn the spores on/off. Also you have the option to turn pulse completely off, return to default settings or delete the scripts.

I'm in love! :D

Here are some things to know about the background of the Fantasy Faire:

This year's third annual Fantasy Faire is produced by Friends Fighting Cancer, an international team of people who have been involved with the RFL of SL for the past five years who are all committed to helping the American Cancer Society reach this year’s goal of $300,000 USD.
Since its inception in 2005, the RFL of SL has grown in both attendance and fundraising. With almost $275,000 USD raised last year RFL of SL has become the largest fundraising event in the virtual world.

The stunning fantasy environments and surrounds have been created by some of SLs top builders including the wonderful Elicio Ember (Cerridwen's Caldron), Mayah Parx ( Epic Toy Factory), Alia Baroque (Fallen Gods) Piedras Chama & Nonna Hedges (Natural Fantasies), Numberofthebeast Angelus (see his work at Arcanum), Marcus Inkpen (The Looking Glass), Zander Greene & Lauren Thibaud (Thibaud Green Industries) and we're very excited to welcome Sextan Shepherd (who will be bringing elements of his famous steampunk "Nemo" build back just for the Fantasy Faire!)

From Saturday April 2nd to Sunday April 10th 2011, thousands of Second Life residents and creators are coming together to support the American Cancer Society's vision of a world without cancer.  Friends Fighting Cancer (FFC) have transformed nine sims of Second Life into a fantasy wonderland:  the Fantasy Faire 2011 to benefit Relay for Life of Second Life (RFL of SL).

The Fantasy Faire 2011 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world.  Ten days of commerce, special events, live music concerts, exclusive items auctions, RFL ribbon hunts and fundraising to benefit Relay for Life and the fight against cancer.  Avatars, clothing, furnishings, gadgets, goodies and exclusive items are available from top SL Fantasy Creators in stunning sims designed by builders creating some of the most noticeable fantasy spots on the SL destination guide.

This nine sim event is bringing together such fantasy genres as Fairy, Elven, Magic, Mermaid, Goth, Demon, Vamp, Neko, Micro, Steampunk, Sci-Fi and more including fantasy landscaping and appearance such as skin & hair!  FFC's goal in 2011 is to raise $20,000 USD for RFL of SL. The Fantasy Faire 2011 will also offer visitors an opportunity  to celebrate the survivors of cancer, remember and honor loved ones lost, and to fight back with the American Cancer Society.

The Fantasy Faire 2011 is made possible by the generous support of Sim and Event Sponsors: Dark Goddess Designs, Evie's Closet, Fallen Gods, Fantasy Furniture by Arachne Anatra, Hoof It, Mer Betta, Petable, The Looking Glass, The Arcanum and T R I D E N T 

To join us this year just search for "Fantasy Faire Central" on the map - open to the public 2nd - 10th April, 2011.

Something important for ALL big events in SL:

As with all events this size, there will be lag. We have done our best to keep it as low as we can but we’ll also need your help. Be considerate of your fellow shoppers - keep prims and bling in your pocket, turn off your AOs and other scripted HUDs (you will find the going easier for yourself).   Low prim clothes are available at each teleport point so that you can show your support for The Relay for Life and help everything run smoother PLUS our secret Fairy Godmother will be dropping FABULOUS prizes on people with really low Avatar Render Cost and Scripts for doing such a great job at keeping the lag down!


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