Fantasy Faire 2011 - Blue Blood (Dark Mirage Sim)

Wooohoooo.... I am SOOOOOOO excited! Really!!! The Fantasy Faire 2011 will starts soon and I know that many wonderful stores will take part of it! Guess you are excited too, right? ;)
One of these stores is Blue Blood and I like to show you today some cute outfits of this shop which you can buy on the faire! (btw....the outfits won´t come with the shoes I´ll show now)

Ok... let´s start with the outfit "Adele"! One of my favs because I like the corsage which comes with the outfit *purrs*. The dress has many possibilities to mix up - so it won´t get boring ;)

Blue Blood - Adele
Blue Blood - Adele - pink, teal, black (also available in red, purple)

The next one is "Elaine"! Another cool outfit with a gorgeous corset! Love it! Once again a lot of possibilities to mix up your style! (I guess like nearly every outfit from Blue Blood ^^)

Blue Blood - Elaine
Blue Blood - Elaine - purple, black (also available in pink, red, teal)

"Strappy" is freakin hot and shows a lot of skin *rawr*

Blue Blood - Strappy
Blue Blood - Strappy - purple, red (also available in black, pink, teal)

The last pictures shows the two special dresses "Shiver" & "Calendula" for the Fantasy Faire 2011 and they are only available during the faire and the proceeds will be donated to the faire charity! So don´t miss them ;)

Blue Blood - Special
Blue Blood - Shiver Special Edition & Calendula Special Edition

So at the end.. you have seen a lot of different outfits from Blue Blood which all have their own charm! More funky styles of this shop you will find at the Fantasy Faire 2011 (Dark Mirage Sim) or here! :D

A really big "thank you!" goes to Ghanima Uriza, owner of Blue Blood! Keep on with your awesome work! <3

Naniel Finlayson


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