First I have to say: I'm not a big fan of premade shapes. They sure may have their place and some are really cute, but honestly: do you wanna look like so many others? Especially those 2.30m high walking sticks ...

What "inspired" me for this post is ... I was hunting yesterday and right now I'm unpacking and tryin the gifts. And one of the gifts I got was a shape - you sure can imagine how amased I was, right? :D But hey - give it a try, I told myself. And I did ... and was like ... OMG WTF is that! I was wearing one of my favorite Glam Affair skins at this time but I even tried it with one of the pretty Ataciara from The Plastik. This shape makes you just look as you had a cosmetic surgery which went badly wrong, look at the eyes!!!!

I just don't get how someone can create something like that and even sell that!!! I mean okay, it IS just a gift but ... arg! Thats really not a good advertisement and for my part I know, where I will never go *shudders*


  1. loool yus something like that :D

    Hey, your main job for now is: do NOT fall asleep :P


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