The dark fairy

A few days ago the lovely Evangeline Miles, the creator behind *Evie's Closet*, released her new gown: Coppelia.

It comes with 2 different corset styles and one skirt option for shorter and one for taller avatars. The gown self is available in 6 different colors.

What absolutely amazes me on all her gowns: You never have any alpha layer glitching!!! You know, this "Oh, im standing on a transparent ground ... now I can't see my skirt" or those funny "I look pretty ... when I stand still and not doing any movement". She is the evidence that it is possible to look REALLY pretty in gowns - especially while dancing. You never see some leg looking through the skirts, thats what I was looking for so long!

And now please enjoy the dark version of Coppelia:

OMG! I totally forgot!
She made also pretty cute capes to go with the gown which are sold separate. I am not showing the black one in the pictures because of the wings ;) But I will show you the red version in a few days and then you can take a look at the cape :)

Read about the look:

Skin: *~{Frick} Dragonfly L'Exposition - Noir - Dk Brows - Clvg
Hair: [rQ]Fay~trueTEAL
Ears: [ OB ] Snakecuff Elf Ears Human Silver
Eyes: [Plastik]-Maleficus-Bahemme-Lime
Tattoo 1: Tattoo Angels&Demons_GoK_soft 1
Tattoo 2: :Little Pricks: Pain 1
Wings: Material Squirrel - Arawn Wings 4.2.1
Gown: *EC* Coppelia - Night Orchid
Gloves: [ bubble ] Laced Corset Green Gloves
Shoes: .+*Cipher*+. Belted Boots ++Strangle II++ [ Black ]
Necklace: =^.^= NIKITA FRIDE - Pearl Necklace Spider
Choker: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Choker
Piercing: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Piercing :: GANESH ::
Bracelet: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Armband
Armwrap: Absentia - Pleasure is Pain - Armband

PS: As always, there is no post processing on the colors. It's all ingame graphics and the only thing we "fixed" are 2 strands of hair sticking through my body and making me unhappy XD


  1. *tugs strand chuckling*
    k we now have to dance :D

  2. oy :D
    Thank you for making the strands for me <3

    And will take you dancing latest on saturday mwahaha :-*


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