15: Red – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

I've been a very very bad blogger lately, shame on me :P I took many pics but just didnt feel to finish them in photoshop. Was working on few of them today (for me: yesterday :P) so I will have something to post during last days. For now I'm just happy that this stupid V-day (mania) is finally OVER! YEAH!! This pink everywhere really killed me -.- So I was hiding in a cute, little and dark skybox to take my pics for my red post. Which was surprisingly easy - because lazy me used an outfit which I already put together weeks ago hehe. And here we go:

Read about the look:

Furry: Kinzart Kreetures - Arctic Fox
Piercings on head: - .HoD. - Heavy Metal Kit - Silver Lining
Piercings on ears: ipoke, random piercings destroyed to fit ears
Hair: Magika - Robin (B&W: Charcoal)
Jacket: .+*Cipher*+. Riders Jacket ++Shawty++ [Black]
Top: [ skream! ] "Sai" top - red
Belt: ::{Favole}:: Careless
Pant: [][]Trap[][] Blood Lace Pants
Necklace 1: ! :Little Pricks: The Keyholder Necklace
Necklace 2: [ skream! ] "I wear my bullets" pearls
Necklace 3: [ skream! ] dewdrop. strings of pearls

Please note: [skream]-items are not longer out for sale


  1. very cool outfit ...
    tho it seems to be better not to cross your way ... you look kinda angry ;-)

  2. I bite O:-)
    But thanks for the compliment Maya :D

  3. Wow Love the look... Tis dark and sexy... good to see Furries getting in on the action too!!

  4. 95% of time im human :P
    i only needed a reason to show the piercings, theyre too big for my elven ears


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