13: Emerald – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

I am not that much into green, but if I reallywear some green I usually go for darker versions of it just like ... emerald! woohoo :D
Honestly, I already picked my outfit already after Luna announced the color for this week. I just had to pick the fittings boots and stockings and -of course- some jewelry :D

And here we go:

Read about the look:

Skin: -Glam Affair - Sofia (old ZPH Gift)
Hair: Magika Hair // Veruka II
Ears: Illusions - *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: -Glam Affair- CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 07
Tattoo: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Tattoo :: OLYMPUS ::
Dress: Baiastice_Allure de rase'-dark emerald (some old random huntgift.. prolly)
Gloves: *Sheer* Gloves: Dots Black
Stockings: *Sheer* Stockings 05: Dots Black
Garters: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Garter :: CREPUSCULE ::
Shoes: [SG*] Oh! - Boots/ Black
Bracelets (upper): .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets ::WILLOW::
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelet :: CREPUSCULE ::
Necklace: - .HoD. - The Crosary - Female
Choker: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Choker :: CREPUSCULE :: v1
Piercings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Special Needs 2 *=*


52 weeks of color challenge - emerald

I remember that i´ll wrote to the "52 weeks of color challenge - green", that it was difficult for me to find something nice because i´ve tons of clothes in green..... yeah - that´s right...... but nothing really in emerald!!! *sigh* ... but here i am with a cute jacket from BP.
btw.... if you fast enough you can buy these wonderful skin and ears from "The Plastik" for 75 l$ at the lazy sundays event!!!! :D
so hurry up!

Read about the look:

Hair: Exile - Fae - tropic
Skin &Ears: The Plastik - Ataciara - Elven Cosmic Love - Queen of Hearts (current lazy sundays item)
The Plastik - Bloodless - Spring
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes- black sticky
Split Pea - It´s so cold - Season hunt scarf
BP - Check Jacket hood - navy-green
So many styles - Buttoned Tank - Beige
Skirt: Grixdale - Maggie Skirt Tweed - Dust

Naniel Finlayson


Boots & Buns

A few days ago I received the latest release by Violent Seduction: the Esther Boots.

The Boots self come in 5 different colors so they match easily every gothic outfit and surely they go great to jeans or something too. Very usefull is the big platforms when you have a hhuge guy beside you, so can maybe can look straight at his chest instead of his navel while wearing them *grins*

Actually I already had the pics for this post done but then I got an IM from Aydan Darcy, the creator of -.HoD.- Piercings & Accessoires and he generously sent me some of his latest releases to show you (many thanks to you, Aydan :D). As I checked, which items are included, the spinal piercings caught my eye and a (new) idea was growing ...

And now: I just hope you enjoy the pics ;)

Read about the look:

Things you see:
Skin: -Glam Affair- Jadis Dark - TDR Special A
Hair: Maitreya Zoe - Chestnut
Ears: *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Necklace: ! :Little Pricks: The Keyholder Necklace
Rings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Rings Set *=* Bound *=*
Piercings: - .HoD. - Digital Spinal Piercing v2 - Razor
Boots: Violent Seduction - Esther Boot

Things you can't see :P
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Silver]
Lashes: [ glow ] eyelashes - Clean 01
Piercings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Special Needs 2 *=*


52 weeks of color challenge - taupe

Less to say this time.... but wait... before i forget it, these amazing skin is a group gift from illusory... so don´t forget to visit the store and get it!!!!! ;)

Read about the look:

Hair: Maitreya - Ymre - Beach Blond
Skin: Illusory - Paige - Warmth (Group Gift)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Dark wood
Lashes: DeeTaleZ - Eyelashes - black sticky
Top: League - Grandad Vest long - Eggshell
Pants: Kyoot - Zipper Cords - Taupe
Shoes: Malfean - Skullfuck Kicks
Bag: Modd.G - Dave Rucksack (Xmas Gift)



12: Taupe – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

This weeks color is taupe. Hum, taupe for me means some brown/greyish and as I didnt plan to spend any money on this outfit I was searching through my inventory and - surprise, surprise - look what i found XD
The top I found is the "Flowery Tank" by Sassy Kitty and I just got those gorgeous pants a few days ago at Mon Tissu. I know there are tons of posts out there including their stuff, but doesnt this pant just go great with the top? :P
The waist-wrap I got last summer as I made the first visit at Ce_Cubic effect and woohoo I found THE reason to show you another of the amazing new skins by The Plastik. Im so in love with them it took us hours on different days to figure which one to get finally (sorry for that hunnie :D still love me? XD)
And as this is a dreamy outfit I picked one of the poses by DeePosed, the one I used is from her Sheherazade set and it just fits :D

Read about the look:

Skin: :[P]:-Ataciara-Poem- Thrash Red
Hair: Exile Dominique/pearl
Ears: :[Plastik]: came with the skin
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Top: [SKD] Sassy Flowery Tanks Taupe
Pant: {mon tissu} Balcon Lounge Pants ~ Cream
Skirt: !_Ce Cubic effect Waist scroll(baige)
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes
Jewelry: - .HoD. - Fallen Necklace
Piercings: <DK> Din Display
Nails: SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails


11: Indigo – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

I know I'm running late again. But as someone else already took a picture with exactly this one outfit I planned to show for indigo I felt too much bugged for blogging and I really didnt want to show the same avatar pfffff. Happily I finally found something in my inventory and here it is:

Read about the look:

Skin: :[P]:-Ataciara-Melody-Cleavage-Karma Sea
Hair: Exile Agyness/bluevelvet (black pack)
Hairbase: Tiny Bird - Hair Bases for Black Pack
Ears: Illusions - *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy (modded with piercings by me)
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Tattoo: [ skream! ] "last day" tatt
Dress: !*G & G* Galaxy Dress
Stockings: part of the dress
Shoes: SHi Black Leather Boots
Eyewrap: *Cobrahive* Eye Wrap (black/chain)
Necklace: ! :Little Pricks: The Keyholder Necklace
Collar: [Plastik]-RecluseCollar-Grapevine Feathers
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Bracelets :: WILLOW ::
Piercings facial: Din Display, [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings *=* Subversion *=*
Piercings arm: Rose Piercing silver
Jawkbreaker: *Cobrahive* Jaw Breakers [rock] hand right
Ring: *Cobrahive* Shield Rings BLACK
Gun: ~Blacklace~ Trouble: Velvet & Satin Blue Pinstripe Lingerie Set


52 weeks of color challenge - indigo

Yeaahhh another week, another color. This time it´s indigo! Sounds easy in the first moment but it wasn´t soooo easy as I thought.... but finally I found something for this challenge :D
But see yourself ;)

Read about the look:

Hair: fri.day - Dylan - Jaded Blond
Skin: Illusory - Paige - Fair - Stained B2 dbf
Eyes: Hermony - R-Eyes - H2O
Makeup: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Blue Tears (current hunt item)
Glasses: Berries Inc. - silly googles (old(?) gift)
Necklace: chuculet - ina pearl necklace - white
Dress: Milk Motion - My girly dress (current tdr blue item)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Zimmy flats

Naniel Finlayson


Mango, Mango! Hunt

Mango, Mango! is celebrating the new store with a little hunt. *woooohoooo*
Around the store they are five hidden mangos which you have to find and buy them for 1l$.
Curious to see what´s inside them?

Read about the look:

top row from left to right
#1: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Smoky Sparkle Dark
#2: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Smoky Sparkle Green
#3: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Blue Tears
#4: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Rock Liner
#5: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Insta Vamp

bottom row from left to right
#1: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Pop! Green
#2: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Blue Lips
#3: MM! - Tattoo makeup - Blue Overlay
#4: MM! - Skin - Green-Eyed - Pale
#5: MM! - Skin - Green-Eyed - Pale Freckles

Another good reason to visit the store is that Mango, Mango has priced the skins at 69 l$ or cheaper. So do you need more good arguments to go there? ;)
Need a taxi? --> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Bad%20Blood/157/227/26

Naniel Finlayson


Only for dudes?

I looooove short haircuts, because in my opinion these one can look very sexy on women!
So today I proudly present a cute short hairstyle from shag. This hair is for men but as you can see it´s also awesome for women! Soooooo... what are you waiting for.... try the demo and see yourself how sexy short haircuts can be ;)
btw... if you hurry up... you get the pack with 3 tones (bistre, cashmere & fever) for 49l$ because it is part of the "49l$ sale for dudes".

Read about the look:

Hair: Shag - Misfit - Cashmere (49l$ sale for dudes)
Skin: Grixdale - Teagan - Latte - Cozy - Blonde
Eyes: By Ruina Kessel - unfortunately not longer available :(
Ears: Trap - Beastie - Drow-Elfs
Corsage: The Abyss - Hydrogen
Skirt: The Abyss - Hydrogen
Shoes:The Abyss - Hydrogen
AO: The Abyss - Hydrogen

Naniel Finlayson


Happy Humpday =P

It's humpday again at Mango, Mango. 4 Skins are set down to 69L, they come with and without freckles and with a cleavage option on tattoo and underwear layer.

Click for bigger view


Extend a helping hand - STARTS TODAY

Vilent Seduction is particpating in the "Extend a helping hand" event to raise money for the flood victims in australia. As i dont have better words, I will just show you what we received from her in the notecard:

"Here is my contribution to the "Extend a Helping Hand" event to aid people suffering from destructive floods in QLD Australia.

As most of you know, I live in QLD Australia and I have friends and family in the areas of moderate to severe flooding. Just today, the house of a friend went competely underwater in a freak flash flood.

ANYWAY, in light of this I've remade Hellesent in two colours, Black and White. It is the Hellesent Yin Yang set and they both come in a pack together. 50% of the proceeds from the Yin Yang set go to the victims of the QLD floods. This set is 100% Limited edition and will only be available at the event which starts on the 11th and ends on the 31st of Jan. It will be discontinued after that.

Also, I have put out the original Hellesent avatar for 100% profit to the cause. Iki Akiri"

The Yin Yang set comes with 2 skins, faun legs for black and white skin, hair and horns in both colors and black fur undies and a color. Everything is modifiable to make it fit your shape. Get it here ==>> Taxi

Read about the look:

Faunlegs, Horns, Skin: Violent Seduction - Hellesent Yin Yang - WHITE
Silks: *Solange!* Traction - PURPLE (collar included)
Hair: Exile Agyness/arctic
Ears: - V - Epigon Ears / Chained
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Indigo]
Tattoo: ::Twisted & Spoiled:: Arcane Magic Tattoo
Necklace: - .HoD. - Fallen Necklace (Male/Female Sizes)
Piercings: [-iPoke-] Espirita chin, [-iPoke-] Folly

Faunlegs, Horns, Skin: Violent Seduction - Hellesent Yin Yang - BLACK
Silks: *Solange!* Traction - BLUE (collar included)
Hair: Analog Dog - Susanna - Jet
Ears: MW ilweran: Elven/Elf/Faun ear - Bone Thorn
Eyes: Del May - Webbed Moon Eyes #1


52 weeks of color challenge - sienna

Another brown tone at the 52 weeks of color challenge. This week it´s sienna!
And i can proudly present you this nice little outfit for the challenge ;)

Read about the look:

Hair: 69 - Jessica 2 - Light Chestnut
Ears and Tail:
Pan.Demic - female - coal faun
Skin: Illusory - Paige - Fair - Stained B2 dbf
Hermony - R-Eyes - Jungle (i love these eyes!)
Top: Whippet & Buck - Hykova Buttoned Tank - Van Cleef
Pants, Belt, Hooves
and Horns: Pera (complete outfit, not showing all in my pictures, designed by Digi Pera)
Tattoo: insanya - Danger Flower - Half Body
Collar: Gritty Kitty - Watch Collar
BP (small gift in the store)

Naniel Finlayson


10: Sienna – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

Week 10 - Yay!

Sienna .. uhm .... okay ... well ... that really was a challenge for me but i finally figured something out *happy dance*

I'm not very talkative tonight so I'll make it short, theres my entry:

Read about the look:

Skin: -Glam Affair- Castalia Skin - Natural 03
Hair: Exile Miss Southern belle/blackcherry
Ears: [twee.] - Wilted Ears - Autumn (BOXED)
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Ember]
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Makeup: ::Temptation:: Makeup Collection Vintage 1
Coat: [BUKKA]Fur coat ::darkbrown:: sell
Garters: PARADISIS Brin de Folie : Brown
Stockings: PARADISIS Brin de Folie : Brown
Shoes: *YS&YS* Tiburon pavana
Rings: LacieCakes - Glitteriffic Multirings
Earrings: Tirtoff T01 **PB Collection Ardigraf Design
Necklace: Tirtoff T01 **PB Collection Ardigraf Design
Scarf: Maitreya Long Scarf * Brown



Boo-Ya! :D

I really dont know what it is, but always (k, not always - BUT often!) when i finally got to really see my wifey we end up naked oO I will just mention it's her fault, ok? Ok :D

ACTUALLY we planned to take some pics together with interesting outfits to show them off here but as she threw out those eggs ... I was lost lols. Finally we were wearing eggs, cupcakes and tats - enough, right? :D There you go, curious ppl XD

Read about the look:


Skin: [ATOMIC]Skin Audri_Caramel-Bubble1 FRECK
Hair: Magika Hair // Dara (Mirrored)
Eyes: veryblueeyes jiji Firehawk
Lashes: VIXEN - Eye Lashes
Makeup: [ATOMIC] Breast Enhancement-Caramel
Tattoo: niciARTLINE Tattoo Hollywood Viewer 2
Top: PeeBox Sunnysideup Pasties
Pant: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Slide Panties Bird
Shoes: MIEL DANDY BOOTS FLOR - (Viewer 2.0 only)
Tongue: *LGW* Tongue w/Cream (Human Mouth)
Piercings: *P*Woman face piercing / .:XD:. Belly Core Piercing v.1 resizeable
Nails:Candy Nail (brown)

Skin: -Glam Affair- Castalia Holiday Hill 5
Hair: Magika // Fat Pack // Sandara
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Tattoo: GoK YlangYlang
Pantie: *Just Me* Nella Shorty Red
Necklace: *LC* E - Sophia NL (ZP3 Gift - Womens) (BOXED)
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Medium (Wear Me)
Anklet: SLink Jolie Pied Anklets Leather and Stone
Piercings: Xcite! Tribal Belly Piercing
Nails: *CN* Pure Blue
Tongue: Cobrahive - Tongue - TYPE 05
Muffins: .:A&M:. Oooops! Muffin & Chocolate Stains


Just Me, Just You

This post was planned for like a week now but til now I had NO inspiration for a look, was walking around in my standard outfit all time except the few time I put the Plastik-Outfit together *lols*. I went on cleaning my inventory and this one folder was bugging me every time i saw, whispering "Me, open me, you know you want it" Soooooo ... there we go finally *laughs*

In this post I'm showing you some of the great styles by Typha Bailey, owner and creator of the *Just Me* brand. And, according to the title, I'm wearing my favorite things from the *Just You* brand by Clyde Avon. I love both of those stores and the jewelry by Just You is really great as gift (hint hint hint). My boyfriend is walking around like a christmas tree now since he's wearing all the necklaces I got for him there XD (Shhh don't tell, maybe I can steal you a shot as soon he's back ;)). Alright, enough blahblah, here are the pics:

Demmit! I totally forgot! (well, almost, right? :D) *Just Me* is holding its first "Miss Just Me" election!! Run to the mainstore to grab the info, 15,000L + 5,000L to spend at the store for the first place. ==>> Taxi

Read about the look:

Skin: *Just Me* Kelly F - 10 CL
Hair: Magika Hair // Ren
Ears: ! V i s a v i - Epigon Ear - Studded
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Face-Tat: :Little Pricks: Tell me a Story
Tattoo: :Little Pricks: Love of a Woman
Jacket: *Just Me* Jacket Rachel Black
Top: *Just Me* Top Cora White
Pant: *Just Me* Legging Brenda
Shoes: *X*plosion BeautyRetro Shoes (black)
Belt: *** Just You *** Belt Stick Me, >>ROOTS<< 00A10 (old groupgift)  
Bag: [Wishbox] EGL Handbag (not sure if it's still available)
Necklace 1: *** Just You *** Key of Love women
Necklace 2: *** Just You *** Necklace For You women Black
Necklace 3: ! :Little Pricks: The Keyholder Necklace
Rings: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Rings Set *=* Bound *=*
Piercing 1: <DK> Din
Piercing 2: [ < ] kOwP [ > ] Piercings ~ Decadence ~
Piercing 3: .:A&M:. Safety Pin
Nails: *Deviant Designs* Twisted Nails black skulls


52 weeks of color challenge - silver

My first posting in the new year 2011 and today I have another picture for the "52 weeks of color challenge"! =^.^=

Read about the look:
Hair: Tiny Bird - Kissy Kissy - Light Black
Skin: Redgrave - Paper Skin - Trinity -GreenFairy
Hermony - R-Eyes - Jungle
Dress: Tw@ttyC@ke - Slink Dress - Silver (Group Gift)
Pink Oufitters - The Editor Pants - black liquorice
Bracelet: Manna - Victoria Bracelet
Shoes: Designs by Isaura - Nicole - Silver

Naniel Finlayson


Bukka meets The Plastik

And another one woohoo. I'm kinda grass widow this week (thank you internet provider *frowns*) and to get a use out of it atleast I will spam you with some posts *grins*

The base of this outfit is one of the gorgeous Storm-Jackets by The Plastik. They are available in a pack of 2 and as always in a bunch of different colors and patterns.

And as I planned since few days to prepare a post about Bukka I told myself I could kill two birds with one stone (how mean! in german we beat only flies :P).

Oh, by the way, both stores have some very nice things on lucky chairs and boards, so what youre waiting for? :P


101223_007 101223_003 101223_006

Read about the look:

Skin: [rQ] GLUTTONY~Tan@TYPE.o6-G.o3
Hair: >TRUTH< Joanna - blood  
Ears: Illusions - *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Lashes: [ glow ] Devilicious 00 (nose)
Top: (1) :[P]:-Beautiful Storm-RoseGarden, (2) :[P]:-Beautiful Storm-Carolina,
         (3) :[P]:-Beautiful Storm-Crimson, (4) :[P]:-Beautiful Storm-Oakwood
Leggins: [BUKKA]leggings ::graybrown(point):: (old LC gift, not sure if it is for sale)
Skirt: +mocha+ - Fallen Acorn Mini (khaki)
Shoes: [BUKKA]Fur boots ::all color select::
Belt: [BUKKA]double ring belt ::all color select:: sellbox
Piercings: [-iPoke-] Ice
Accessoires: [BUKKA]old Leather bag (shoulder) ::brown::


9: Silver – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

Silver ... silver ... silver ...
Of course you had to come with silver after I just decided for which Outfit I'd go for the grey I'm still missing lol, thanks Luna :D So I was digging deeeeeeeep in my inventory and ... found a tat back which i got at A&M for th 4th of july (not that I would care much about this festivity lols but it looked so pretty on the ad XD Finally it found its use now as I made it the base of my submission for silver. As she said, its the the week of silvester, new years eve, I thought I will show you the essence of a firework. Hope you'll like it <3

And as addition with this post I wish you all a happy new year, have a great start!

Read about the look:

Skin: ::Poised:: Chrome for the twisted hunt
Hair: Tekeli-li - Inanna silver
Ears: Illusions *~*Fairy Ears: Fantasy
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Silver]
Lashes: -Glam Affair- CELEBRITY - Eyelashes 07
Makeup: Miamai_LesMakeups_Yuki 09
Tattoo: .:A&M:. Celebration Fireworks (old Group Gift for 4th july)
Belt: .:A&M:. The Snowflake Secret - panies
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied v2.0 Barefeet Tiptoes
Nails: SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails


8: Green – for the 52 weeks of color Challenge

Grün, grün, grün sind alle meine Kleider,
Grün, grün, grün ist alles, was ich hab.
Darum lieb ich alles was so grün ist,
Weil mein Schatz ein Jäger, Jäger ist.

This is a snap from a song my mom was singing with me as I was a child. I had it in mind all the time since i saw the color for this week: Green.
The lyrics mean: Green, green, green are all my clothes, green, green, green is everything i have. I love green because my honey is a hunter. Yes I know its silly and the translation is bad .... AND? :D do a better one XD
But as we are here for the color challenge lets start with the pics:

Read about the look:

Skin: .::Tyranny Designs::. Dinah in Fall - Radio
Hair: GIFT EdelStore woman hair " Carmen " coral (recolored)
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Twilight]
Lashes: [ glow ] Eyelashes - Devilicious 00
Makeup: {paper.doll} LostSoul-MakeUp01
Top: Intrigue Co. - My Alt is a Virgin hoodie (old groupgift or something)
Pant: MYTH Essential Jeans Set (30L for the full pack, CLOSING SALE!!)
Armwarmers: .:A&M:. Knitted Arm Warmer - Stripped Purple
Stockings: edge grafica / 06 over-knee sokcs (XLS)
Legwarmers: .:A&M:. Knitted Leg Warmer - Stripped Grey (recolored), .:A&M:. Knitted Leg Warmer - Stripped Purple
Shoes: [SKD] Flower Shiny Black Boots
Belt: *Cobrahive* Punk Belt Plain (checkered)
Garter: ~*RunoRuno*~ Spring (madly recolored and moved from right to left leg, sneaky, ha? :D)
Earrings: Candy Nail #GACHA Toy Pierces 06 Red
Necklaces: +>A&A<+ Rave Candy Necklace, Candy Nail #GACHA Toy Necklace 02 Pink/Blue Piercings: [DH] Rolled Piercing (by vanessah.philipp)
Nails: Candy Nail #GACHA Toy Nails 03 Green