Hot kiss ;)

It's done - finally!

I took the pics for this post already on monday, but due to much rl-stuff i couldnt get it managed earlier. But as it is better now, there we go :D

The base of this outfit is the "Hot kiss" outfit by Gothica (@Bad Blood Sim) and it comes in 3 olors for the top: purple, red and pink. Shown on the pics is red.
One of the skirts has a resize script for easy adjusting to fit any size. The price for this outfit with all three colors is 150L$.

Read about the look:

Skin: *Just Me* Kelly F - 4 CL
Hair: .+*HS*+.Christmas Gift Hair ::PRAT:: Dark Brown
Ears: Illusions: *~*Mystic Ears: Elfin/Naturals
Eyes: ][ . Ruin . ][ Lupine: Forest
Dress: *Gothica* Hot Kiss Dress
Top: !RT Infected black satin shirt
Gloves: Femme Fatale Fingerless gloves lace by Stella Semaphore
Stockings: .+*Cipher*+. Punk Socks ++Gloss++
Shoes: .+*Cipher*+. Belted Boots ++Strangle II++ [ Black ]
Hat: .: WEiRD.DESiGNS :. Nailed Duck Hat
Necklaces: .:A&M:. My Fabulous Necklace - Black Pearls, *** Just You *** Necklace For You women Black
Bracelets: .:A&M:. My Fav Bracelet - Black Pearls
Piercings: [Acide!] Why not
Nails: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] Nails Spider black (Groupgift)


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